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    Webinar Participation – II Portuguese-Brazilian Journey

    Webinar Participation - II Portuguese-Brazilian Journey

    Tomorrow, at 10 am, members of Tortoro, Madureira and Ragazzi Advogados law firm participate in the “II Portuguese-Brazilian Journey – Impact of Covid-19 and the challenges of the Science of Public and Private Law,” promoted by the Faculty of Law of Lisbon, Instituição de Ensino de Bauru (master’s degree and doctorate in Law) and IURIS – Center for Interdisciplinary Research. Claudia Toledo will debate the topic “Pandemic, University and the Law,” while José Ragazzi’s lecture on “The Coronavirus Pandemic in Brazil as a constitutive element for the applicability of the theory of unpredictability and excessive burden to bank contracts,” a research topic chosen among the 10 best productions of the international meeting. Registration is free by email.

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