Labor and Employment

With significant expertise in litigation and advice, our legal services include technical work focused on the analysis of labor contingencies and liabilities, staff restructuring and employee allocation, closing branches or company dissolution, outsourcing services and structuring compensation (salary and benefits). We also participate in the application and development of benefit plans in various modalities such as stock options, bonuses and profit sharing, changes in employment contracts, transfers of employees at national and international level and collective bargaining.

Our national involvement in labor litigation includes representing our clients’ interests under the Labor Court System (Labor Courts, Regional Appellate Labor Courts and Superior Labor Courts) in individual and collective labor claims, and civil deeds in the public interest. Our attorneys’ experience in the administrative scope covers defense in preparatory procedures and public civil inquiries promoted by the Labor Prosecution Office, in notices of violation drafted by the Regional Superintendence of Labor and Employment, and in following up on inspections, notices of interdictions and more.

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